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Hi there!

This is Chirag and Sunny, we represent the Sunny’s Supply Family. Sunny’s Supply is the family-owned solution to your paper and plastic goods needs, especially if your business is in the great NYC!

Our clients have access to a team working to meet client-specific needs from ordering, shipping, to stocking on a wholesale and retail level. We provide businesses with not only a professional, cost-effective, fast experience, but the personal touch of a family.

Having been in multiple businesses over the last 3 decades, we understand how difficult it can be to run your own business, therefore all our services are tailored to ensure that Sunny’s Supply can be a hassle-free attachment to help you on your path to success.

We hope that as you navigate through our online showroom, you begin to envision the future we can provide, one of ease and simplicity when it comes to making sure your business has what it needs to succeed!

Please, do feel free to contact either one of us at (646)619-7864 or (646)619-7611 anytime/anyday!

Yours truly,

The Sunny Supply Family

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